Crossfuze Launches Legal Secretarial Services Offering on the ServiceNow Platform

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Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, today announced the release of its Legal Secretarial Services app on the Now® Platform. The application streamlines how law firms handle critical back-office services and enables them to leverage the Now Platform to overcome modern challenges.

Developed by Crossfuze consultants with deep industry experience, the Legal Secretarial Services app replaces email and spreadsheets as the primary means of orchestrating secretarial, paralegal and administrative support to the firm’s fee earners. The app streamlines critical back-office services in law firms, offering efficiency, transparency and automation to fee earners globally.

Inefficient, manual provision of secretarial services to fee earners puts increased strain on the profitability of law firms. The ServiceNow Legal Secretarial Services app addresses these needs by enabling firms to do the following:

  • Improve fee-earner satisfaction.
  • Eliminate manual, inefficient intake and routing processes.
  • Identify bottlenecks and potential automation opportunities.

“ServiceNow is playing a key role in many legal firms’ digital transformation initiatives,” said Terry Pritchard, Crossfuze senior vice president of portfolio management. “We help thought leaders within legal firms apply the platform to drive real impact across their operations, including functions such as paralegal and admin support to fee earners. We are applying these successes to create cost-effective, rapidly implemented solutions for law firms.”

Crossfuze is an International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Business Partner and will be attending ILTACon on August 21–24. ILTACon is a four-day conference for members of the legal community and industry experts in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about Crossfuze or the Legal Secretarial Services offering, please visit

About Crossfuze
Crossfuze is a leading ServiceNow Elite Partner, providing digital transformation solutions to companies of all sizes across industries. The company helps clients achieve business outcomes through technology-enabled transformation, delivering value quickly with a focus on the end-user experience. To learn more, visit

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